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Companies locating to San Francisco or expanding withing the city compromise the largest portion of our business.

We assist tenant-clients with these primary types of projects:

1.) Acquiring new office space in San Francisco.

2.) Renewing your existing lease.

3.) Relocating within San Francisco or within your current building.

4.) Restructuring or terminating your lease.

5.) Assisting you in subleasing-out all, or part, of your existing office space.

We provide the above services with a unique skillset of:  market knowledge; experience; negotiating skills; and un-paralleled customer service.  After an initial needs-assessment is done, we'll work with you to get you an office that fits your firm's culture, budget, location and technology needs.  After candidate spaces are shown to you in our listings reports, we will set up a tour to take you through the best matches.  We'll get updated pricing and availability on the various locations and typically collect a property flyer and floorplan in advance of the initial tour we take you on.  Initial tours range from 1 to 4 hours and the number of spaces ranges from about 4 to 15.  Our tours are constructed in an orderly, synchronized, and precisely-timed manner, to enhance the most efficient use of time.  Most tours are in the core of the financial district and are a combination of walking and short taxicab/uber rides provided by your real estate broker.  There is absolutely no fee for you to pay for our services throughout the leasing process.  As is customary in San Francisco, landlords pay a flat fee per square foot to procuring brokers and this amount is imbedded in the quoted prices in the market.  Fees are usually $1 to $2 per square foot per year of the transaction. Typically, there is not a cheaper lease rate available for tenants without broker representation, so there is really no downside to using a professional tenant representation broker.

After finding an appropriate space that fits your needs and works within your budget, we provide a letter of intent {L.O.I.} (e.g. a non-binding written offer sheet, or term sheet) which includes the most pertinent business terms that are acceptable for moving towards a signed lease with the building owner.  The LOI sets forth key areas of importance such as rate, length of lease term, occupancy date, free rent and other items of importance.  After a reasonable offer and counter-offer phase, the building will prepare a draft lease for your review.  We work with you and your attorney to determine what areas of the lease require accomodation from the landlord to make the transaction acceptable.  After this step, you are ready to prepare the office space with the telecommunication wiring and the furniture necessary to conduct business and then move in.

If you are outgrowing your current space and ready to make a early move out, we can assist you with either subleasing your space or negotiating a termination with your landlord. If you need office space and want additional information from us, or a free initial consultation please provide us with your name, phone number and email on our contact form, and we will get back to you right away. To see a sample of current listings, visit our listings/reports link.
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